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ddk_mod ([personal profile] ddk_mod) wrote in [community profile] daredevilkink 2015-05-11 12:17 pm (UTC)

Hmm. I'm reluctant to make a new post about it, because like you said that's really not what this community is for. I'll happily put a link in the main part of the discussion post, so anyone scrolling through the community posts will see it.

Have you tried advertising it in general fandom spaces? I know [community profile] fandom_on_dw allows friending memes (the tag is here), and when I was drumming up interest for this place I went through all the communities with 'marvel' or 'daredevil' listed as an interest and posted anywhere that looked active and open to promos.

ETA: I've made a post about it on the kink meme tumblr! so hopefully that'll get a bit more attention.

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