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Commenting with my handle as the links I'll share below give my username away.

So I followed your advice and I've decided to host a friend meme (as you saw due my little mishaps when I posted the links in the Discussion thread *cough*). I was wondering if you'd consider making a post linking the links in a new post? Used to be that you could find a gazillion different communities related to a specific show where you could share that type of thing but it'd appear your community is one of the only comms that is active and about Daredevil?

I know it's not a request that has to do with the kink meme as such, which is why I would understand if you thought this was not the place at all. Just, I'm afraid the links won't be visible in the thread you last posted and, hey, I'd love to give this friend meme a chance to be seen by more than a couple of people? Not that a ton will be interested but at least they'll know it exists?

So, in case you don't think this is a stupid/an appropriate request, here are the links (DW and LJ);
On DW:
On LJ (crosspost):

Thank you in any case,

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