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Matt/any (matt/foggy), Matt's horrible self-esteem

THIS IS STILL TECHNICALLY A WIP i'm sorry i posted this in the other fills post when i started working on it, i'm glad this wip post is here now.

prompt: Matt hates himself so much that by now it's become a fact of life for him. "Sky's blue, grass is green, Matt Murdock is an irredeemable sack of shit, the Pope is Catholic."

Someone comes along and sweeps him off his feet. Matt is timid and wary and disbelieving because he thinks he's not worth loving, and this person probably just feels bad for him and is humoring him. Maybe he says yes to everything because he doesn't want to be unnecessarily difficult; maybe he pushes the other person away. He really REALLY likes them but takes that as a sign of weakness.

Eventually the other person finds out and just loves the shit out of him, trying to get him to trust them and believe he's good.


fic: worship you

thread (this is currently at five parts):

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