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There are no longer two prompt posts! All prompts for any season of Daredevil should go here.

  • General
    1. YKINMKATO. Play nice. Respect others. If you don't like something, scroll on.

    2. All comments must be anon. If you would like to be politely banned to avoid anon-failing, leave a logged-in comment on the mod post or pm the mod account.

    3. Subject lines should only be changed if you're posting a prompt or a fill (indicators like OP or Author!Anon should go in the body of the comment).

    4. RPF is allowed. Crossovers, characters from the extended Marvel Universe and comics canon are allowed, but must relate to the 2015 TV show in some way.

    5. Prompts focusing on characters from Jessica Jones should go on the Jessica Jones Prompt Post, but crossovers with Daredevil can go on either post.

    6. Prompts that are exclusively about the comics should go on the Comics Prompt Post.

    7. Drop a comment on the mod post if you have any questions or problems.

  • Prompts
    1. All types of prompts are welcome.

    2. Use the subject line for the main idea of your prompt (pairing or characters, keywords, kink).

    3. Warnings are nice, but not mandatory. Get DW Blocker if there's anything you really don't want to see.

    4. Reposted prompts are allowed once one round has passed - e.g. prompts from post #2 cannot be reposted until post #4. Please include a link to where it has been previously posted.

  • Fills
    1. When posting a fill, either add [FILL] (or something similar) to the subject line, or change the subject line to the title of your fill.

    2. Announce your fill on either the Completed Fills Post or the WIP Post.

    3. Long fills can either be posted over multiple comments, or posted on AO3 and linked back here.

    4. Multiple fills are always okay.

    5. Fills can be anything! Fic, art and vids are all welcome.
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This is a post for anyone who enjoys roleplaying/round robin fills, and anyone who has an opinion on them.

Firstly, I've been asked to see how much interest there is in a separate community for Daredevil roleplaying! Any nonnies who would take part in one please respond to this comment, just so it's easy to get a count. (Any round-robin fillers who see this, please free feel to nudge anyone taking part in your threads to come and show interest here!)
New comm has been made! Check out [community profile] collaborative_daredevil :D

Secondly, for my curiosity, what is the general meme feeling about round robins and roleplay fills? Do you read but not take part? Would you prefer if they stayed or went somewhere else? Should there be a rule about collaborative fills?
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For things that are neither prompts nor questions for the mod. Talk about the show, ask for help finding lost prompts, organise fic fests or whatever else you want. Discuss away!

Anon commenting is not mandatory for this post. Playing nice is always mandatory.
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Keep filling prompts on this post! Make sure to link any new fic on the complete or work in progress fills posts so it doesn't get missed.

Please read the current rules before commenting on this post.

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